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Enlisting the help of a recruitment agency is beneficial to both employers and people looking for employment. There’re numerous reasons why you as an employer or job seeker should use a recruitment agency to find talent or to find employment respectively.

Similar to entering any other kind of partnership, you will need to find out some important information about your potential labour hire agency to determine whether they are suitable for your needs and whether they are competent at their job.

Recruitment agencies, in a nutshell, are outside firms that basically play matchmaker between companies looking for employees and individuals in search of employment. These agencies perform all the recruitment processes on behalf of their clients including sourcing, screening, interviewing, background checking and reference checking candidates to ensure the potential employees are a match for the client, i.e. in terms of qualifications and work culture.

Unmotivated employees are less likely to do a good job and more likely to leave a job because they are unsatisfied. What can you, as the employer do?

Similar to other business spending, expenditure on recruitment also needs justification.

Using labour hire for your business can have a number of advantages.

From a distance, labour hire firms and recruitment firms might seem quite similar in what they do, but take a step closer and you will notice significant differences.




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We are excited to announce that Trades Labour Hire has merged with FT Workforce. Simply put, we supply more than just skilled trades and labour hire providers and our company has grown to become a full workforce recruiter.

Please direct all staffing enquiries to 1300 880 832. Thank you.